Young Monid

Development of a Young MONID initiative

In December 2023, the second meeting of the RESPINOW consortium took place in Braunschweig, where the results of the project were presented. As part of this meeting, we organized a workshop to develop a young MONID initiative. MONID is a newly established modeling network for severe infectious diseases that has evolved from the COVID-19 pandemic. Our considerations focused on making MONID sustainable and innovative, while at the same time promoting young talent and expanding training capacities. We also strive to establish and deepen interdisciplinary (e.g. modelers, statisticians, epidemiologists, health scientists) and international modeling collaborations.

To achieve these goals, we plan to set up junior research groups led by young scientists such as PhD or postdoctoral researchers with modeling skills for infectious diseases. A key aspect is the transfer of knowledge both from experienced experts to younger generations and vice versa, both at international and national level in the fields of science and public health.

Detailed information will soon be available on our website under the “The network” tab.