The coordination office

The coordination office of the modeling network for severe infectious diseases consists of its management team, the scientific coordinators, an IT team and the project managers. It brings together an interdisciplinary team from the fields of infection epidemiology, health economics, data science, computer science and project management with many years of experience in complex national and international modeling projects. The team at the coordination office also acts as the central point of contact for the modelling network for organizational and scientific inquiries, for example from politics or the healthcare sector, and deals with these in cooperation with the steering group and the participating research networks. The coordination office supports the work of the consortia on five levels:

  1. Promotion of interdisciplinary scientific exchange between the network partners and with external experts
  2. Development and harmonization of common structures for data sharing
  3. Public relations work on network activities and research results
  4. Organization and implementation of overarching events such as workshops, summer schools or conferences
  5. Development of joint teaching programs for young scientists

Employees of the coordination office

Management team

Pictures: © University Medicine Halle

Scientific coordinators

  • Dr. Stefan Scholz
  • Dr. Daniel Rodenburger

IT Team Data Management

  • Junior Professor Dr. Jan Christoph
  • Dr. Federica Bini

Project management

  • Anna Dobischok
  • Carla Hartmann
  • Sabine Baumgarten