Young MONID Initiative

To make MONID sustainable and innovative, we plan to establish junior research groups led by young scientists such as PhD or postdoctoral researchers with modeling skills for infectious diseases – the Young MONID Initiative.

A key aspect is the transfer of knowledge both from experienced experts to younger generations and vice versa, both at international and national level in the fields of science and public health.

In order to successfully launch this initiative, we would very much appreciate your support and ask you to complete a short questionnaire (9 questions, approx. 10 min).

Contact persons for the Young MONID Initiative

Manuela Harries, MPH, MSAE

Research assistant
Clinical Epidemiology Team
Helmholtz Center for Infection Research GmbH


Dr. Beryl Musundi

Research assistant
Institute of Medical Epidemiology, Biometry and Informatics
Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg